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DOUBLE or SINGLE Four in Hand?

That all depends on the tie - today I went for single..

Never get too fixated with rules as they are just guidelines.. Too many message me for definitive rules/guidelines & I avoid answering these as many take them literally without taking into account of context.

For example - the measurements of my suits/jacket/pants/shirts from P Johnson are essentially the same in total, but the parts of each item will vary depending on the cloth & style.

So my chest or waist of any jacket will be the same in total, but the variances within the panels vary.

Like wise when people want to know the width of my lapels or cuffs or pant opening, my measurements are just guidelines as they are in context with my build.

Recently someone messaged me about why all my shoes have even number of eyelets & was this because it is easier for straight bar lacing.. My mind BLEW as I didn’t even noticed.

If you don’t believe me, ask my Niece.

Details | Jacket (part of suit) - P Johnson in Loro Piana “The Wave” for GW | Knit tie - E. Zegna | PS - Facconable | Shirt - P Johnson in Thomas Mason for GW | Belt - Hermes | Pantaloons - Incotex | Hoofs (not visible) - Saint Crispin’s for Leather Soul for GW

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    Great video, wait till the end.. that’s where the cuteness happens..
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    I missed GW’s postings over my morning coffee…but only little
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