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Packing for a 10 day trip that covers 3 Asian cities (Singapore, Hong Kong & Beijing).

Temperatures will range from >30c + 99% humidity to 5c..

FYI - I was not expected to fly out till this w/end not yesterday <12 hours to pack & Singapore was not part of the original schedule PAIN!

So what did I pack?

  1. Chocolate herringbone weave cashmere top coat
  2. French S130 wool navy suit
  3. Grey + light blue window S130 wool check suit
  4. Navy high performance woolsports coat
  5. Grey high performance wool trou
  6. Navy + Khaki cotton chinos
  7. Navy + grey cashmere v-neck sweaters
  8. White denim jeans
  9. 3 random cotton button shirts
  10. 5 white Italian-English spread collar shirts (to be picked up in HKG, part of new bespoke project)
  11. Various dark hued silk ties as well as knit ties
  12. Brown + black dress shoes
  13. Navy suede bluchers
  14. Navy calf & suede gloves
  15. Socks & underwear

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    Aww man, would love to meet this guy. Why am I not in Hong Kong for X’mas? —J.C.
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    This is an effing clinic on dressing for business travel. Speaking of which: I’m headed to Seattle tomorrow to officiate...
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    Too good.
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