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& Oldie but a goodie.. 

I find it quite amusing when old posts are found & reblogged by others..

* I miss this umbrella.


Cows don’t need umbrellas..

So don’t worry about wearing leather shoes in the rain - just worry after.

  • Air dry in a well ventilated area
  • Shoe trees, lasted (made & shaped for said shoe) shoe trees are better
  • Suede - always brush after each wearing, in one direction only
  • Calf - brush down then apply shoe cream whilst the leather is warm. Better absorption
  • Shell Cordovan - brush down
  • Never wear same pair of shoes 2 days in a row
  • Once a month apply a wax for protection
  • 3M Scotch Guard or any silicone spray - only lasts 2 wears before one needs to reapply. Also can change the colour of suede or worse, seal the pores.. DON’T DO IT..

To shine or not?

Some like the high polish (such as Ethan), whilst other prefer a natural lustre (such as I). I won’t get into what is involved for a military shine as this is covered quite extensively.

Details | Knit - Loro Piana “Baby Cashmere” | Jacket (part of suit) - P Johnson in Loro Piana “Zelander” for GW | Shirt - Ascot Chang for GW | Pantaloons - P Johnson in Loro Piana cotton fine cord for GW | PS - Tom Fuking Ford | Hoofs - Edward Green “Westminster” in Mole suede on 888 last with Dainite sole for Leather Soul | Umbrella - Fox

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