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Anonymous / i'm a relatively small guy, at 5'8" and only 150 pounds i can't seem to find pants or jeans that fit me well. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for certain brands or fits that won't make me look shorter than i already am but will also look well, both jeans and dressier attire.

FYI I’m 5’7”, athletic build, cyclist thighs & approx 160 pounds after lunch. All things equal it should be harder for me to find clothes than you, but the difference is in experience & attitude.

So what labels?

For me, Rapha fits me very well & hence I wear a lot of their gear on & off the bike.

I also find that Japanese, Italian & French labels made for their country (not export) also works for me. 

As for suits or tailored clothing, MTO or bespoke as there are too many inconsistencies with OTR.

I mention attitude & experience.

Attitude - think tall not short.

Experience - I understand my proportions & what works for me.

I have no idea where you live or your demographic, so I can only answer for me.

Another hint - when trying on clothes, step out of the fitting room & use a full length well balanced mirror to give you a better perspective.

Finally, bring a trusted advisor to help.

Good luck


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