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To SQUARE or not to SQUARE - I always find it interesting to see what has been re-blogged from my archives - & this has come up quite a bit over the last few days. Originally posted last year some time.

I had a funeral to attend yesterday & whilst getting dressed I questioned whether a pocket square is appropriate or not.

My thoughts were initially “no” as a funeral is a sombre event.

But then my Sistah said yes & only yes as I had a plain white square folded & not stuffed, puffed or some origami creation resembling the Sydney Opera House.

The other factor is how one presents themselves, does it look natural. This should answer the messages I get about wearing a pocket square - if you feel self conscious wearing one, then don’t. There is nothing worse than a fidgeter or the type you see constantly preening them selves in public or every chance they see a mirror.

If I was to nit-pic, the details of this suit is inappropriate & my other navy suit was not with me.

A black suit would have been more appropriate but other than a dinner suit, I can’t see why one would need a black suit unless they are in FASHUN or..

In my opinion a dark blue or navy suit paired with a white shirt, dark tie & black shoes is a good alternative. A dark grey suit is another option.

Either way, keep it clean, classic & minimalistic.

& yes I stuck with my folded pocket square.

What do you think?

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    To show respect, I will feel better without a PS.
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    To SQUARE or not to SQUARE - I always find it interesting to see what has been re-blogged from my archives - & this has...
  7. toofly answered: if anything, the pocket square may have ended up as a much-needed tissue…
  8. k88wong answered: I agree re:pocket square. Without it it just looks incomplete
  9. alpenquirer answered: A square is most appropriate, and being a functional garment, may be used for a runny nose or tear ducts—potential both at such an event.
  10. da-i-net answered: "No"
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  12. thesnobreport answered: You did right! A breatspocket is there for a reason, it held a hanky in the old days and a PS today. You can never go wrong with a white PS!
  13. evolvingstyle answered: The older you get, the more funerals you will attend. You’re obviously a bit self conscious about the navy. Consider getting a black suit.
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  15. retailalistreport answered: I think unless you are Tom Ford or work for Tom Ford, ixnay on the black suit. Your view on the pocket squre, spot on
  16. wisco42 answered: A TV fold plain white PS is appropriate for a funeral. You showed appropriate restraint in your choice of clothing.
  17. stickysteps answered: Suit is fine.. Pocket square folded with slight peep in a linen would be appropriate
  18. pochette-square answered: I think you did well.
  19. carolinastyle said: Either would work, but with as big supporter of pocket squares as I am I think I would have gone with a bare pocket. Dry, speechless and remorseful.
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