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My answer is n +1


I had some issues with my burgundy coloured bag that arrived last month, when it got wet the dye ran…

Well a black replacement has arrived today, and I’m in two minds about it.

Is black too boring?

Is black too classic?

My girlfriend, a fellow bag fiend has however just reminded me that I don’t own many black bags …

What to do?

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    My answer is n +1
  2. kingmeson said: the photo is great, but it doesn’t do the bag justice. post a shot of the bag alone. i’m of the opinion that black items, bags or clothes, should be subtly detailed, or they must be detailed. classic and bland aren’t synonymous.
  3. 500daysofjason said: the black is beautiful, keep it !
  4. lacasuarina said: can’t go wrong with black…
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