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Bar Americano

I’m in Melbourne (Australia) for 2 days of business every 2 weeks, & each visit I discover another “gem”.

Open for a little less than a year, the bar takes its inspiration from the prohibition-era “American Bars” catering to Americans travelling to Europe to sip some of the banned sweet stuff. It’s an all-day affair that begins with strictly no-milk coffees knocked back Italian-style at the bar, continues with food offerings such as panino throughout the day and moves into the evening with apertivo-style drinks, prepared by knowledgeable bartenders.

The simplicity of Bar Americano is both what sets it apart and what makes it so great. It’s a tiny little nook tucked away in a quiet corner of the city with little more than a few stools and not much standing room.

20 Presgrave Place

Melbourne CBD, Vic 3000


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    Kinda ironic. I wish America had more places like this.
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    Thanks GW for the recommendation :)
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    Guido’s postings are pretty much 100% of the reason I want to travel to AUS
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