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Spring is around the corner & so out come some colour (no that is not a bread stick in my back pocket but a “wind jacket”)

This Giro pink “MORTIROLO” jersey hails the Mortirolo Pass in Italy which, as well as being regarded as one of the hardest climbs to ever feature in the Tour of Italy, was Marco Pantani’s favourite climb where there is now a monument to Il Pirata.

* Can’t wait to get rid of the winter padding (BrokenWing + EpicManFlu = 3 months  off in total was also not planned for) as well as to regain the ProLegTan lines ;)

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  3. alexroseinnes said: Nothing that a few 100km rides won’t fix.
  4. domeakindness said: By the size of that smile, these pictures must have taken by Miss X.! Ride and smile!
  5. gaws said: with a jersey this color you might not even need a bell
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