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“Have they not wings, our men who have been able to climb up to heights where even eagles don’t fly? … Oh Sappey, Oh Laffrey, Oh Col Bayard, Oh Tourmalet! I shall not shirk from my duty in proclaiming that beside the Galibier you are nothing…”
– Henri Desgrange

The Col du Galibier was first scaled by cyclists at the Tour de France in 1911. Henri Desgrange, the Father of the Tour, heralded it as a great victory for mankind to defy the laws of gravity and climb this giant. Referred to by some as the “Roof of the Tour”, the centenary of its presence in the world’s most famous race is something to be celebrated, particularly for those who have managed to conquer it. This year’s Tour de France pays tribute not once but twice, scaling the 2556m over consecutive stages as the climax to this year’s race.

Back to reality - today was just our usual Wednesday easy ride..

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