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An old-post that is doing its rounds at the moment that is very applicable to myself & in so answering why I’m not wearing suits anymore.

Simply put, my professional role specifies no suits, ties or pants which means understand the context.


Dress your age or your role in life - understand the CONTEXT

Currently there is a very strong movement for dressing classically or grown up - EXERENT!

Unless you are only in your teens or 20s. 

Many young men asking advice on what to wear or how to look Grown Man.

May I suggest you enjoy making mistakes & dress like a Young Man.

Today is a fine example. The knit tie I wore was a gift from my Sistah over 20 years ago. Back then she would have bought it for aesthetic reasons & back then I was not ready to wear it. I so wanted to, I just did not have the confidence or role model to learn from (there was no internet - they were the dark ages).

I’m so glad that I saved it till the last 10 years.

But if I did not try it - I would not have learnt from my mistake.

  • Personal style does not happen over night.
  • Personal style is developed over years of mistakes.
  • Personal style is not having to “over think” your choices.
  • Personal style is knowing “your” punchline to a joke.

Details | Shades - RayBan “Round Metal” | Suit - P Johnson in Loro Piana “4 Season” flannel for GW | Shirt - P Johnson in Thomas Mason for GW | Tie - Jasper Conran wool knit (when he was designing clothes not interiors or furniture) | Collar Pin (used as tie pin) - Bottega Veneta | PS - Tom Fucking Ford | DubMunks - John Lobb 2010 St Crepin for Leather Soul

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    Contextual dressing is one of the lost arts….
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    May I add, that personal style means not to worry what you are wearing, be it a t-shirt with a hole or colourful three...
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    Are you playing dress ups? Or are you dressing?
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