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Representing Raw (Silk) Thursday

Details: Suit - MTM P Johnson, Shirt - Bespoke, Tie - Drakes for P Johnson, PS - Kiton, Hoofs - Carmina “DubMunks” for The Armoury

& yes I am “shoving” not folding my PS, as I have said in the past that I prefer a fold to a puff. FWIW a “shove” looks better than a “square” fold in patch pockets, but then this also depends on my “mood” ;o)

* Corporate entertainment is BAD! Though apparently it keeps the world spinning & tailors happy..

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    In the raw.
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    This looks nice. I almost bought a raw silk tie in Bergdorf but choose a plain red Drakes offering instead.
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  10. theartofboredom said: Mind if I ask what type of PS fold that is? I reckon you once said you never favored the puff but that looks vaguely similar?
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