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i've been doing mtm for a little while now, as im sure you have had this problem in the past the first few garments made by a new talior might not always come out to your liking..

what is your opninon on, shortening a shirt and a sportscoat or suit? To me since the buttons have been placed in.. I feel I lose balance of the outfit. What is your opninon on this? Perhaps this isnt so bad with dress shirts I am not sure. My talior says it is ok, since my adjustment is half inch, he says anything less then an inch should be ok.

I don't know enough about talioring but I feel a bit uneasy with the balance, but I could be wrong.. what is your thoughts? Is he just saying this because he made the outfit a tad too long, and doesnt want to admit to it? Or is there truth in shortening it while still looking fine.

any input on matter would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling with a decision!

Hmmm - Let’s start from the top.

  • MTM is not Bespoke, but yes I agree the 1st few are hit & miss.
  • No issue in shortening a shirt, but I don’t agree with sales associates or tailors when they suggest shortening oh coats as no doubt the balance of pockets & buttons will be thrown. Saying that I have had some jkt shortened with mild success, as the distance from the lowest button & the pockets where quite high. But this was rare. The rest have been banished.
  • As previously mentioned, most tailors are trades people not stylists. When even I explore different lengths, I try & get a 2nd or 3rd set of eye’s & ensure they are at least 3 meters away to get the right perspective. Failing that, I use my camera.
  • Your final point is of some concern, if was the tailor taking the measurements for the MTM/bespoke suit he should have got it close or at least consulted you before the forward fitting or cutting of button holes or pocket placement.
  • In the end, it is up to the individual’s eye.

I hope this helps as I’m just going from experience & no way am I a tailor.. Just a hack with bad shoulders & a grin..