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What happens when Gianni Agnelli meets the Duke of Windsor for some rugby & a beer?

Most would agree the two most iconic, stylish dressers of the 20th century are Gianni Agnelli & Prince Edward (aka the Duke of Windsor). These two men together contributed more dapperness than all the “swaggers” (hate this word) have today.

Kanye W is FASHUN, period..

Stars aligned or just good pattern matching?

It’s hard enough to get a suits balance & proportion correct, let alone align the cloth pattern. In practice, only 80% of the cloth’s pattern can be correctly aligned, so it’s up to the cutter to ensure the obvious areas matched - the front & rear of the body, the pockets, sleeve head, &, most importantly the sleeves as they lay alongside the body.

It is also important to ensure that the pattern is balanced in such a way to not be visually distorting. This is especially so with cloth patterns such as this double windowpane check that I am wearing. Imagine if your suit made you look round..

DubMunks are the rage at the moment, but in my opinion, most of the new ones are either overly designed or clunky. There is enough happening with the double straps & buckles, so sleek & simple is best.

Edward Green has been making the “Westminster” on the 888 last for some time now - actually well before Gen-Y or Gen X 2.0 took interest in “social media” as we know it. Very little has changed, for good reason. This pair is a special order for Leather Soul, & the Dainite rubber sole for foul weather or travel. THUMBS UP!

Details | Suit - P Johnson in Loro Piana “Zelander” suiting for GW | Shirt - Ascot Chang in Thomas Mason for GW | Tie - Loro Piana | PS - Herringbone | DubMunks - Edward Green “Westminster” in Mole suede, 888 last on Dainite sole for Leather Soul

Most men who are interested in dressing well are subconsciously influenced by either Gianni Agnelli & the Duke of Windsor (or both).

Can you see what style cues I have merged?

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