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Day three of “5 Days of Bow Tie” that Saint Crispin would approve

A classic grey flannel is perfect to provide a canvas for spots & flowers

Just when I thought I had experienced the best RTW in shoes - along come Saint Crispin to add to the mix. Combine the best of  John Lobb & Vass & you get Saint Crispin.

The “austerity brogue” is a beautiful way to future proof the classic brogue - part rogue part poet..

I have had austerity brogues by Edward Green & Vass in the past, but the lasts that I had chosen never suited my feet & sadly had to move them. When Tom (Leather Soul) said trust me - I did. Now that is service!

Details | BT & PS - Herringbone | Suit - P Johnson in Loro Piana “Four Season” grey flannel for GW | Shirt - Ascot Chang in Thomas Mason “Silver Line” poplin for GW | Hoofs - Saint Crispin’s for Leather Soul

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