Anonymous / Gonna interview for an accounting internship in the near future. I'd love a recommendation for an affordable suit and shoes!

What is affordable?


Anonymous / I know you are not "allowed" to wear suits anymore. But seeing you dressing like a 10-year old boy makes me sad. Your GMS has been so good and now this...

So maybe you should learn to dress yourself.


Anonymous / Do you happen to know the requirements for a invite to Imperial Works? Great blog by the way!

No - even in my bunch we don’t understand how who got invited etc. & there are some very seasoned riders in the bunch

Even Simon Mottram (CEO of Rapha) doesn’t know.


Anonymous / Okay, so I found this quite amusing. I was directed to your blog by a friend of mine saying that it was a good blog for a cyclist to follow. However, for all your "convict of the road" bullshit and flash gear, one look at your archive tells me you've actually only been riding 'properly' for less than a year. So what, you saw a bunch fly by and thought to yourself, yeah I'll go and get myself a $15k bike and start talking campag? It's not a jealousy thing BTW, it's a 'real' thing. Do the km's bro

Define “properly” & a ‘real thing’, as I’m riding most mornings unless travelling or injured or ill.

FYI - I took a 5 year break due to having to relocate to a new country (Hong Kong) for work & not able to cycle due to a heavy flying schedule, think a total of 1 week a month in the air or waiting at airports..

& yes I did see a bunch fly by & thought CUSS it, I’m going to get me one of those C59s with some Campy SuperRecord goodness.

Oh, did you also read that I chose to ease back into cycling last year with 2 months on a single speed during winter then a mid-entry level bike (CLX3.0) for 4 months before deciding I’m ready to get back into cycling.. 

Did you also discover via that at my current trajectory I will do 10,000km in 2012 even though I had 2 months off due to a broken elbow & 1 month off due to EpicManFlu. & I broke my elbow whilst cycling.

Yeah it’s a real thing when I get up at 0515 most mornings to squeeze into my Lycra rain or shine before work or play.

How about asking “your” friend why else he/she follows me, because the bRog is not just about the bike.

I assume you have anonymously told him/her to get ‘real’.

WIll it be un-real if I get another C59 & maybe go Campy SuperRecord EPS this time.

See you on the hills or do you just follow blogs?


Anonymous / "Guido has changed his relationship status to: In a relationship" COOOL

Not according to FaceBook..


Anonymous / is Ms X your Daughter?

Does that make me PappaX?


Anonymous / Who is Ms X? Have you finally found a companion that's as dorky as you are?

The internet is a wonderful place.

But reality is even better.

The Dorkier the better I say as there is enough of these “DressedByTheInternet” understudies out there.

How about you, have you found a buddy?


Anonymous / Are ya on Rapha's payroll or something??

As well as Rolex, Leica, FIAT, Colnago & The United Nations.

Why do you ask “2 dogs”?


Anonymous / nice calves, bro


Back off as my “dance card” is full & Ms X is the keeper..


Anonymous / Once the bespoke suits are a thing of the past? What is the daily thrill? Coffee? When the suit of armour is off, what is there left? Hopefully there is something beneath.

Daily thrill?

Anonymous messages..


Anonymous / 5000$ bike, riding around 30km a day. WTF?

Are you disappointed because I can or because you can’t? 

FYI > A$10,000 (so >US$10,000) & around 250km plus an average 1800m elevation a week. Do the math.

Why wear Japanese RAW denim jeans?

Why wear a Rolex or “insert luxury brand”

Why Apple instead of Samsung? Oh that’s easy..

Because I can..


Anonymous / How tall are you?

Who’s asking?


Anonymous / is it faux pas to wear a sombrero in a goofy fashion?

Only if you are Mexican.


Anonymous / Sorry to be yet another anonymous, but can I just add my support to you continuing to keep this blog public. There is just something different about your blog that makes it the only one I always return to. I've got a great deal of enjoyment from the wit, style and insight into your life that it brings and I hope you continue with it. Tim.

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not really Italian..



Anonymous / I only wear wingtips that are longwings when wearing jeans. WHY?

I wear LongWongs & that’s all that maters..

Are you a WingDing cause I’m a WongDong