Women’s DubMunks..

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Can someone please point me in the fucking direction of some decent womens’ monk straps?

I know that both Carmina & Churches make them for women..

Edit: Polo Ralph Lauren also make 2 styles for women

aaron-tenabel / HI,

What's GMS stand for, which is sometimes referred to in your posts?

You must be new around these parts ;)

Here ya go:






Anonymous / What are the basics?

Basics are to introduce yourself..

Seriously - I find it very hard to answer a lot of messages if I have no idea about your context..


Q. What was the red Rapha jkt you wore last week (I actually wear this every sunrise ride)


By Joe Hall • 24th September 2009 05:50pm • Posted in Products

Rapha’s Classic Softshell Jacket arrived in this world in 2005. Then it was simply the ‘Softshell Jacket’. Before this, many prototypes were tested (and detested) including something called the ‘Eddy Jacket’, named after everyone’s favourite Belgian cannibal. Jump ahead to the start of the Autumn Winter season 2009/10 and now the jacket rightfully resides upon its throne as a classic. Biased opinion aside, this is a piece of immaculate design.

'A thing of beauty' - The Times

Several evolutions have taken place: The 2007 version had two protective shoulder pads (reminiscent of a donkey jacket), taking into consideration that riders use both shoulders to carry their bag of choice. We soon realised this was over-egging functionality and jeopardising form and that the one shoulder pad was how it should remain, an iconic and practical detail. We have had pink linings, grey linings, light grippers, three, four and five pocket configurations and various weights of fabric. But now, it appears, we have struck the ultimate balance of fabric, cut and features. Not only this but the 2009/10 Classic Softshell now comes in a red colourway. For those who found the only reason not to own the ultimate road jacket (the fact that it was black and not as visible as the dizzying fluorescent hues of our competitors’ jackets) there is now no excuse not to invest.

'The best road jacket money can buy' - Cycling Plus

The Classic Softshell Jacket is not only the perfect outershell for winter riding or even milder spins through the autumn leaves and spring sunshine, it can also function as an ideal jacket for commuting, skiing (?) and even down to the bar or restaurant. Whilst it is packed with technical features it does not scream this to others as you wear it. Many other jackets look technical and complicated without actually offering that much practicality. The minimal and understated aesthetic design of the Softshell Jacket disguises the functionality of the thing.

There are over 20 recognisable features and elements to the jacket. However, the main aspect that I find (and even now I am always impressed after each ride) is the breathability. How can a jacket keep you warm and dry but allow your body to breathe like that? Coupled with the ergonomic tailoring that makes the jacket comfortable in any position, on or off the bike, you can’t go wrong with the Classic Softshell. Whether you wear it simply with a baselayer and/or jersey, or even a Winter Jersey on those really cold days, temperature always seems to stay regulated. It is almost like the jacket has your internal thermometer on speed-dial.

'No other bit of kit has done 5 hours training in the snow and a trip to the pub in the same week, which I think speaks volumes about it's form and function. Still warm and comfy even when snot has frozen onto the shoulder.' - Simon Richardson - Ras Tour of Ireland winner 2009

I took the new red version for a spin today and I almost can’t wait for the temperature to drop so I have no excuse not to wear it everyday, whether riding through the Essex lanes or reading the paper outside my local café. Every cyclist should own one.

I have received messages/emails about where I got the green Brooks “Swallow” saddle.

Luck#1 would have it when I was in Deus CycleWorks the other day, there was one on a bike & they were happy to sell.

Luck#2 Peiro & I were not away that they only made 100 & hence was not sold to me at a premium

cooperfrederickson-deactivated2 / Do you still wear your Vass shoes any longer?

No - as much as I liked them, the more I understand the peculiarities of my feet the more I find the errors of my previous choices.

These days, I’d rather not settle for anything less than 99% in fit even if it means I wait..

Fit is very important, something we all neglect for that instant gratification (which is human). & this applies to everything.

Other than fit, CONTEXT is also important.

As it is, the best fitting RTW shoes for me to date:

Anthony Cleverly

John Lobb 7000 last

Crocket & Jones 337 last (1/2 sized down than when I used to wear them)

Carmina Robert & Inca Last (same size)

Alden Plaza & Leydon Last (1/2 size difference)

Also, my taste has matured from sharp lasts to more subdued rounder or almond toe shapes. I also prefer to not have any item I wear draw too much attention individually.

My goal is for a consistent & balanced look.

* FYI - I move what I don’t wear anymore very swiftly via a network of similar minded/sized men who over the time have emailed me with interest to purchase etc.


muteboy72 / I like the briefcase in the photo about suits and balance - what style would you call that?

This is what I call constraint - I now have to put into practice what I preach when travelling.. Pack less. Sheesh, where do I put my M8 or GF1.. Though I am impressed with the images I can pull (sometimes if t lets me) from the S90.. & yes it is raining.. Exerent as I like the light when it rains..

I would call it a brief-case ;o)

I actually posted about this last year (April 23rd 2010). I believe Thom Browne also had some made with his usual 400% mark-up.

“Renowned luggage brand Samsonite celebrates its 100th anniversary by re-releasing their now iconic contribution to the 1960s. Dubbed the “Black Label” briefcase this sexy throwback might look circa 1960 aesthetically, but has been given some mighty modern twists. Limiting production to only 100, the briefcase includes updated changes such as storage for a 15.4 inch laptop and various divider pockets for all the latest and greatest that technology has blessed us with like the cell phone, iPod, and more. The briefcase will drop early this month with an Asia-only Samsonite campaign.”



Anonymous / PG, I know that everyone has different measurements;but I'm trying to explain to my tailor from Hong Kong I want a BD with collar roll. Should the collar points be significantly further away from the buttons?

Best to show him a picture or bring a sample.

& it wont be the first time certain tailors have seen picture (of me..).

Actually, I would not bother with him if he doesn’t get it as there are so many other tailors.

& if you know me as PG you should know better.


linenforsummertweedforwinter / GW

Love the brog and especially your new P Johnson suit. I am hoping to visit Tom (of P Johnson Tailors) in Melbourne for my first MTM suit sometime later this year.

Do you have any tips or advice for someone going for their first MTM suit? Anything I should think to ask/read up on/know?

Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Keep it simple.

Listen to Tom..

Keep it simple.

Get a second pair of pants

Keep it simple

Enjoy the experience, accept that the first few will not be 100% to what you envision & most importantly build a relationship.